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Multiple Levels of Healing

Healing on Many Levels

Healing is not about just treating the symptoms. Rather it is determining the root cause and bringing the whole being – mind, body and spirit to a state of balance. Moving to a state of ease rather than dis-ease.

Let me draw an analogy that might help to clarify what I’m saying. Let’s say you notice some water on the floor one day and you wipe up the puddle with a cloth. Problem solved…for now. Later in the day there is a bigger puddle so you get a mop and a pail and wipe it up and the problem has been addressed again…or has it? The next day the puddle is there again but this time you see some water dripping down from the ceiling so you get a bowl from the cupboard and put it under the drip and wipe up the floor. Later on you come back and the water is overflowing so you replace the bowl with a big bucket to catch the drip. Here’s where the story is going…

The answer to the wet floor and the water dripping is not bigger mops or buckets. The answer is in finding and repairing the leak in the roof. Many health related issues that we humans experience, have their origins in our emotions. When exploring the issue that the client presents, it’s not just about treating the pain or whatever the physical manifestation is. We can go to that deeper part of the being and address the real causes. It might be related to past trauma that has caused the Human Assemblage Point to shift from its centered and balanced location, or it might be a belief issue that sits deep in the subconscious mind that is running in the background like a faulty computer program. In these cases adjustment of the Human Assemblage Point or doing PSYCH-K sessions might just be the answer to what is causing the physical issue. Let’s “repair the roof”, rather than put a bucket under the leak!

Human beings are amazing creatures, but we are not just body, or mind or spirit. We are all three and those parts are woven together in a way that what happens to one part impacts the other parts. We do not exist in isolation. True health in a vibrant state is acquired by treatment in a holistic manner. The cause of what ails you may not be directly connected to the part that is ailing.

See Dennis Barnett at Creative Healing in Kelowna, BC

The Human Assemblage Point Treatment

PSYCH-K Treatment Sessions

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